Having a Light Bulb Moment?

By Gillian Wong

Sometimes, store designs just don’t cut it. When you’ve got the right size, you don’t have the right color. You might want a particular lamp to fit into the corner by the coat check—but just as you’ve found the perfect lamp, you find that it comes in just the shade of green that would make the curtains look like dying sunflowers.  Product_pageMain

 LAMPS PLUS aims to provide an answer for these frustrations with “Design Your Own,” a new interactive online tool for exasperated designers. After picking a lighting fixture, designers can choose from a wide selection of patterns, and then change the colors to their own satisfaction. Included in the range of fixtures, are pendant chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and more. The color palette is also surprisingly varied, and although some patterns have fixed color schemes, most are adjustable.

Additionally, the Web site is fast in loading up an image of what the fixture would actually look like. For tired eyes and imaginations, this feature will be particularly useful.

It isn’t, of course, the ideal situation—LAMPS PLUS doesn’t let you adjust the dimensions of your light, so if you’re trying to look for something to fit into a rather tight nook or corner, you might have to keep looking. Nevertheless, designers with a dream lamp in mind may find their quest a little easier.


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