Grab a Chair and Sit Yourself Down—Or Not?

By Gillian Wong, Editorial Intern

Work chair necklace - goldDon’t sit back when you take a look at Montreal-based Bruxe Design’s newest jewelry series, Tiny Little Chairs. Dangling on a thin chain, these chairs aren’t made to put your feet up, although they will certainly seem familiar to seating designers. 

Amusing and unique, these small chairs are a stunning rendition of some of the design world’s most famous chairs. The Tulip chairs by Eero Saarinen look eerily similar to the Scoop necklace, and the Pavilion seems a chip off of the old block in terms of the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rhoe.
Pavilion chair necklace - silver

Laugh about it with a fellow designer or keep it as a secret. How often can you show off your knowledge of the interior design world and look enigmatic at the same time? You can even be selfless and give them to a design-savvy friend, or as a fun birthday gift to your one and only—these stylish necklaces are guaranteed to be memorable and evoke conversation.

The necklaces come in five different designs and are offered in solid gold, sterling silver, or bronze. The chairs are approximately 1 to 3 cm in height, width, and depth. Prices range from $160 to $1,600—nobody said smaller would be cheaper!

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