Donors Pledge $4 Billion to Haiti

Architecture for Humanity continues to lend its support to rebuild and renovate.
By Gillian Wong

Donors from all across the globe have pledged approximately $4 billion to Haiti, which suffered a 7.0 earthquake on Jan. 12. While the amount may seem momentous, it covers merely a fraction of the total damage, estimated between $8 to $14 billion.

The U.S. has pledged $1.15 billion for long-term recovery plans, which Hillary Clinton says must be implemented by Haiti’s own government. The EU and a group of U.S.-based humanitarian organizations have pledged over $2.7 billion, and other governments have also pledged additional sums. The Haitian government itself has requested a donation of $350 million to help over the next six months. The Haitian Recovery Commission would channel $3.9 billion into programs for health, sanitation, education, and housing services within the next year and a half.

Meanwhile, organizations such as Architecture for Humanity have been helping to rebuild and renovate (see this link for further information). Two to three million residents are still without shelter.

For a list buildings that suffered extreme damage during the Haiti earthquake, see this link.

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