And the GlobalShop Winner Is…Best in Show: Amuneal

By Heather Strang

6a00d8341ca6a453ef0120a9231273970b-320wi.jpgHot off the press: Philadelphia-based Amuneal Mfg. has been selected as the Best in Show booth winner for GlobalShop 2010 by the editors of DDI Magazine.

Located in the Store Fixturing Show pavilion (Booth 3219), the booth is constructed of 1,000 hand-made flowers, whose petals were individually laser-cut from steel and then powder-coated and welded together on a 14-ft.-tall structure. Talk about some serious work for a display booth.

But, it was worth it. The Amuneal booth is clearly Oscar worthy. It’s elegant, breathtaking and absolutely stunning. I realize that’s a lot of adjectives for a booth – but trust me, its true. And it’s not a booth you simply walk by. It’s a booth you walk around, your mouth wide open in awe. The precision and beauty of it is simply overwhelming.

Describing the booth concept, Adam Kamens, CEO, Amuneal, says: “We wanted to create something that people would respond to emotionally, to get people in a good mood after coming out of 2009.”

Well, Adam and his team could not have done a more outstanding job. Everyone is already feeling better about making it through 2009 (so glad we’re done with that!). But, you’ll feel this booth for a lot of other reasons – if for nothing more than because it’s beauty demands you do.

You don’t want to miss it. It’s certainly GlobalShop 2010’s Best in Show.

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