To Designers, With Love

By Stacy Straczynski, Associate Editor

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s a perfect time to revisit some of the top romance-inspiring designs from around the world. Whether you’re looking to take your sweetheart to a sexy resort for a weekend getaway or enjoy a quiet dinner for two—or even if you’re single and on the prowl—these top destination designs are sure to get your libido pumping.

The in Poznan, Poland centers itself on the suave inspirations of jazz music–literally. The jazz club and restaurant, designed by designed by Ewelina Jankowska, features a bright red piano at the heart of its interior that gives life to the seductively smoky room, outfitted with natural stone walls, copper tones, and plush sofa seating that creates the perfect space to snuggle up with your date and enjoy the sounds of passionate improvisation.

Nothing speaks to romance more than a blatant sexual innuendo. Ultra, a Toronto restaurant hotspot that recently received a redesign by 2010 Interiors Awards winner Munge Leung Design Associates, boasts walls adorned with cocks (roosters, that is—get your minds out of the gutter!), which Munge Leung managing partner Alessandro Munge told Contract can be interpreted in many ways. Overall the space screams provacative luxury, perfect for the man looking to really strut his stuff on the dating scene. 

Four seasons
There’s nothing like a trip to the great “indoors” to inspire love. Guests at the Four Seasons, Jackson Hole, with interior design by Brayton Hughes, can experience all the natural beauty found outdoors through the casual, yet elegant design detail metaphors. High-trussed ceilings and large-framed widows take advantage of the natural mountain views, while zigzag patterns and natural elements incorporate river scenery into every corner. The hotel was rated by Travel + Leisure readers as one of the top romantic destinations–probably due to its status as the perfect cuddle zone.

N77135982484_7791  Mildredtemplekitchen

While many people have experimented with interplays between sex and food, Toronto’s Mildred Temple Kitchen, designed by Brian Brownlie of du Toit Architects,  is taking this naturally-found relationship a bound beyond oysters and chocolate by encouraging its diners to “get it on” in one of its modernly-styled bathrooms. So once you’ve finished entrees in the chic dining room, featuring classic ivory-colored seating and large floor-to-ceiling windows, be sure to leave room for “dessert.” 

What better place to walk on the wild side of romance than in Sin City? The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, designed by Mark Zeff of Zeff Designs, boast trendsetting towers that feature a rock n’ roll atmosphere with dark purple, black and brown interiors for lavishly sexy sophistication. Add in the room service menu that includes selections of lingerie and other adult items for late night fun and its no wonder guests will want to skip the craps table in exchange for a night in.

What designs and destinations have insired romance for you? Share them with us by commenting below.

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