March of the Mannequins

By Stacy Straczynski, Associate Editor

S-CAR-POOL-MANNEQUIN-large I saw on the evening news yesterday a crazy story about how one NY commuter devised quite an ingenious way to slip into the carpool-only lane so he could bypass the morning rush hour traffic. The woman dressed up a store mannequin, complete with sunglasses, and placed "her" in the passenger seat to serve as her plus-one. While her ploy didn't work (the cop did a double take and subsequently pulled the her over, hitting the woman with a $135 fine), you have to give that lady a few kudos for creativity.

In light of this "mannequin caper," I want to take a moment and look at some innovative mannequin designs. One design that came to mind was the new MY department store, designed by London-based retail design and display company SFD. The store, which opened in September of last year, focused on visual merchandising and used mannequins as part of the up-scale look and feel of the store.

Below, find additional images (more at Contract magazine) from the new Tesco "MY" brand store. (Photos courtesy of SFD)

High-quality finishes compliment the store design and maximize the initial visual impact for the consumer.

The color theme continues in-store with key mannequins highlighted in eye-catching colors where appropriate.

Bespoke Lingerie mannequins provided an elegant and modern approach to lingerie display, with unique metallic finishes.

The continuation of the wedge theme across the key mannequins, including the childrens range, ensures a cohesive visual approach.

–Photos and captions, Nielsen Business Media

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