It’s Great to be an Architect

By Adam Figman, Editorial Intern

Randy Deutsch, a blogger and currently out-of-work architect, has recently penned a post on his site mapping out 81 (yes, 81) reasons why there has never been a better time to be an architect. He lays out an almost-absurdly optimistic worldview, often focusing on the advantages of being alive in 2010 rather than focusing on the negative prospects of earning any money in the architecture field these days.

Some of my key picks: (Check the entire list):

1. Today, while architects may not ever again be so-called Master Builders, an individual architect working alone, if necessary, can virtually do the work of an entire firm.

4. Architects today have a rare opportunity to use the skills – transferable skills – that they have picked-up in their education to put to use not only in practicing architecture but in any number of related and even non-traditional fields.

6. Blogging – writing an online journal – especially on sites such as WordPress, has never been easier to learn and master. One more great creative and expressive outlet for the architect, especially in times when the opportunity to design and built is lessened, such as now.

53. Being an architect in itself is pretty amazing. But sometimes having a dog helps.

58. You can take your work with you and go mobile almost anywhere with all you need to be productive.

63. Being an architect is a thoroughly fulfilling experience. But not sharing a house with teens helps.

Sure, a dog or an iPhone may make life better, but for those of us with rents and bills and meals to pay for, a steady paycheck is pretty nice as well. Yoga class and touch screens won’t bring much stability in that department.

Also worth noting is that, while Deutsch’s reasons for why it’s great to be an architect are refreshing, the majority could apply to any profession—be it in architecture, design, journalism, or just about anything. Perhaps the lesson here isn’t that it’s a great time to be an architect, but rather that there’s no better time to throw out the script and pursue what really interests you. The Internet and all the life that’s come with it have created a vast world of opportunity, providing a chance to learn, read, write, and experience life as we never could’ve predicted a decade or two ago.

But yeah: Not sharing a house with teenagers does help.

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