Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

By Stacy Straczynski, Associate Editor

Customized skins seem to be all the rage these days for iPods, iPhones, laptops, and any other tech gadget you can name. But Inhabit yesterday posted an item about a new photovoltaic skin concept, designed by the Laboratory for Visionary Architects (LAVA), would serve more of a purpose then simply adding a touch of personalization: the eco-friendly Enviro Skin would solve the aesthetic failure of the University of Technology Sydney Tower, which has been dubbed by Sydney as the its ugliest building.

Video via Architecture + Design

The concept calls for a composite, light-weight mesh textile to envelope the 1960s building in a cocoon that will help to reduce the structure’s carbon footprint by collecting rainwater, generating electricity, and helping to ventilate the building. At night, the skin would serve as a media surface to communicate information to students, much like a billboard in times square.

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