Salvaged Sustainability

By Stacy Straczynski, Associate Editor

AlchemyEveryone’s eyes seem to be green these days—and it’s not from envy. Sustainability is the word, and I’m sure the media has already covered almost every possible angle to greenwash us by now. (Quite frankly, I’m a bit jaded by it all myself.) But this one story that came across my desk about a start-up retail design studio in East London really caught my eye due to its innovation and feel-good vibes.

When it formed during the middle of the credit crunch last January, Campaign didn’t have extra dollars to spend on fancy high-end worktables for is small staff of five—four employees and a “designated mascot” pug named Effie. Rather than shell out cash it didn’t have, the company used its creative juices to rethink the traditional worktable (pictured right). The employees went to the streets of its surrounding metro area and reclaimed any type of abandoned furniture they could find, searching street corners, dumpsters, etc. Tables, chairs, cabinets, and even lamps were fair game. Once collected, the team gave the pieces a white finish to revitalize its appearance, compiled an interesting arrangement, and then bolted them together to create one single, albeit unique, piece of office furniture.

The Alchemy Table, as it’s now called by Campaign, has grown with the company over the last year. As more staff members joined the team, each have made some sort of contribution to the “work of art.” The homespun project is now not only a success in recycling, but can be interpreted as a symbol of successful teamwork and group collaboration.

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