Good Luck (the Second Time Around)

By Stacy Straczynski, Associate Editor

Who says you can’t have another shot at glory? Well,, says you should–and can.The online architect community’s first award for architecture work aims to recognize “the gems that almost made it. That should have made it.”

Competition-Competition-2010 So, if you feel you had a great project in 2009 that didn’t get its due credit, consider Competition Competition 2010. Entry is free and winners will be determined by a jury of top industry professionals, including architect Juergen Mayer H, LOT-EK’s Ada Tolla, Della Valle Bernheimer’s Jared Della Valle, and Contemporary Architecture at MoMA curator Andres Lepik. Award recipients will receive $1500 and an exhibition in New York City.

Project entries will also have the opportunity to be followed online by Architizer’s users (found via the CC2010 tag on the Architizer blog). The project with the most followers by the Feb. 15 submission deadline will also be awarded a prize.

While on one hand, the competition presents a unique chance for the industry to take another look at some very deserving work, I think it might be a bit jaded to dole out honors for projects that didn’t quite make the mark. But who am I to judge? If you previously entered an industry award and failed to bring the laurels home last year (and you don’t mind capturing the No. 2 title), then here’s your chance.

Good luck to all the contestants (the second time around)!

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