Damaged Designs in Haiti

By Stacy Straczynski, Associate Editor

Among all the reports around the Web covering the destruction from the earthquake in Haiti, I came across this list on archiplanet.org that relays specific damage to buildings and landmarks:

Landmarks and Damaged Buildings of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Port-au-Prince Cathedral – Major damage
  • Presidential Palace – Major damage and partial collapse
  • Saint Louis Roi de France Church – Major damage and partial collapse
  • Hotel Oloffson
  • St. Esprit Hospital
  • United Nations Headquarters – Collapsed 5 story building, 10 rescued, over 100 feared dead
  • Villa Creole Hospital – Still standing
  • Montana Hotel
  • Toussaint L'Overture Airport – Collapsed control tower. Runways functional. Air traffic control may be provided by U.S. Coast Guard cutter.
  • Université d'État d'Haïti (UEH)
  • Port-au-Prince U.S Embassy

It seems that the list is being updated as new information comes in. Please share with us any news that you find. Be a part of the relief effort, which Contract Magazine editor in chief Jennifer Busch blogged about earlier today, by donating to Architecture for Humanity.

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