Is Less Really Less?

Here at Greenbuild in Phoenix and once again I’m inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of so many people and great companies committed to improving our environment.  I wish that I could visit all of the exhibits and explore all of the innovations.


Everyone is intent on meeting a growing public groundswell demanding less resource consumption and waste generation.  Good intentions, however, don’t always lead to desired results.  Is less really less?  That’s the important question we all need to keep front and center as we look at “green” products and processes.  The answer isn't always obvious and I'm not convinced the best solutions always come forward.


Simple, robust design often results in less energy consumption while complex materials separation and segregration required to incorporate recycle content, for example, often requires more energy.


What are some of the best examples you are discovering in the building industry of simple, robust product design incorporating closed loop recycle content?  Let’s share some observations.  I'm always searching for new ideas!


Glen Hussmann



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