virtual gallery

One of my favorite product designers, Ayse Birsel of birsel+seck, has broken ground once again by utilizing a truly unique venue to showcase her work.

Birsel debuted 21 of her sketches on galerinternet, a new online art platform, curated by Birsel's friend Yilmaz Aysan. The site juxtaposes a film of the artist, together with their work, so it's almost like you're attending an actual gallery showing.

"I love the idea of being part of an online creative forum and letting people from all over the world have access," she says.

Apparently lots of other people loved the idea as well. Birsel says approximately 300 browsers logged on at the opening day of the exhibition alone. Her sketches will remain on display for the next few months.

There are currently three other artists on display at galerinternet and all work is up for sale. "It was kind of fun because I never really exhibited my drawings," Birsel explains. "It's not my core work so it's great to share something that is very intimate to me and personal and quite different from product design."

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