it begins

As usual, we're behind the curve.

According to the NYT, restrictions on the sale of incandescent bulbs started to take effect today across most of Europe.

The article says the U.S. isn't scheduled to start phasing them out until 2012.

Most aren't as welcoming of the change to compact fluorescent lamps as you might think though. Some Europeans are complaining of the individual pricetags and others say "the light isn't as nice." The European Union however is putting their foot down, arguing that the energy savings would cut average household electricity bills by up to 50 euros a year, saving about 5 billion euros a year across Europe.

And Europe isn't alone — according to the article, Australia has already introduced a ban and Cuba has entirely shifted to compact fluorescent bulbs.

There are pros and cons to compact fluorescents. What do you think of the change-over?

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