The four C’s

Clodagh, the be all and end all when it comes to spa design, has taken her expertise to the home with Your Home, Your Sanctuary. If you find yourself in Southampton this weekend, make your way over to the Mecox Gardens at 257 County Road, 39A, Southampton, N.Y., 11968. She'll be there signing copies on Saturday from 5-7 p.m. Champagne cocktails and refreshments will be served. Books will also be on sale for $50 and five guests will win copies by raffle.

With her first book, Total Design, Clodagh introduced the "four C's" — contemplate, cleanse, clarify, create. This means her design objective for each project is to contemplate space, cleanse it of the unnecessary, clarify the use to which it will be put, and thus create a space that is unique and timeless, whether it be a hotel, a spa, or a home. This second book will apply that philosophy to every room in a house.

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