archiculture draws near

On Sept. 2 at 5:45 p.m., the Center for Architecture in New York City (just a hop skip and a jump away, in fact, from the Contract offices), will host a round table and trailer premiere of Archiculture — a feature length documentary that chronicles five architecture students during their final thesis semester.

The roundtable entitled, Architectural Education vs. Professional
Practice,” will focus on how generational recessions have affected design
training in the past and how we can evolve the profession under the current
economic landscape for a better design future. The panel will include one of
the directors, as well as two of the students featured in the film, and select
members of architectural academia and established professionals.

After the discussion, the Archiculture
film trailer will be shown.

And here’s the good news: there will be an open bar through
out the night.

A $10 donation is asked for entrance, and proceeds will go towards the funds
needed to finish the film. It has not been completed yet but is scheduled to be
released at film festivals
in spring and summer of next year, followed by independent theater releases in the

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