One product award you DON’T want to win

Cache_1679203617 Product designer and architect Andrej Statskij, along with design journalist Madga Braun-Sommer and product design historian Adam Hoops have launched the OOPS  Design Award. It is the first non-honorable award addressing product and furniture design, lighting, home accessories, household appliances, houseware, tableware and kitchenware design, etc.

Categories include: Ugliest Product Design of the Year; Silliest Product Design of the Year; and Most Useless Product Design. First place winners in each category will receive a yellow, engraved brick; Second prize gets an engraved white brick; and Third place garners an engraved brown brick. Why a brick? Says Statskij: Silly prizes for creators of silly product design!

Have something you'd like to nominate? Join the OOPS Design Award Foundation and send in your picks.

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