Sit down and make yourself uncomfortable?

It seems curious timing that on as we gear up for NeoCon in less than two weeks where the contract industry will showcase its latest and greatest offerings, we received a heads up on an interesting article over at Fast Company. Curious, it seems, in that while more than few manufacturers are preparing to launch their latest ergonomic seating options and others are touching up new lounge offerings, the designers in Cliff Kuang's piece argue that comfortable seating is actually detrimental. In fact, they assert, it's making us fat and lazy!

On this note, Ferran Lajara, Cristina Guardiola and Virginia Pol have crafted pieces that make you get up and move, such as a lamp that doesn't have a base and only works while vertical, meaning you have to constantly hold it upright for it to work. Also in the mix: a desk whose drawers are on the opposite side of the user so that in order to get something new, you have to stand up and walk around to the open drawer. 

Now, we've seen our share of interactive solutions over the past few years including, as Kuang mentions, Details' much-talked-about Walkstation treadmill/desk combo. But a coat hook that requires scaling a wall……really? We definitely want your thoughts on this one!

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