Day 2!

My boss, Bob Kleinschmidt, joined me today as we toured some more showrooms on the second day of Neocon.  I have to say it was nice getting the "red carpet treatment."  Bob has attended Neocon since it's inception and knows just about every person in the Mart.

Our first stop, Gunlocke, we noticed a large amount of frosted plexi-glass (which is a definite trend) as territorial dividers.  The Gunlocke systems are clean and minimal and the guest seating that is included is universal and functional.

Bob has a great relationship with the team at Maharam, so we stopped by there next to say hello and check out their new Digital Projects concept.  The wave of the future is everything digital and I think the idea is very creative and cutting edge.  I especially enjoy the Mechanism, 3-5 knit with industrial refinement and a fabric that featured multiple photography frames of an elephant.

We then strolled over to Knoll, where Emily Weber was excited to show Bob the resurrection of Wolf Bauer Fabrics, which are archival and beautiful and hark back to many of the principals established by Florence Knoll.  Also at Knoll the Spinneybeck Magnetic Leather creates striking visual interest for a wide range or vertical and horizontal surfaces such as walls, headboards and metal cabinetry.

Our last stop was Herman Miller.  With the huge success of their mirror chair and the celebration of one million sold, they continue to build on the innovation with the Setu.  This chair is definitely impressive because of three main accomplishments:  very comfortable, environmentally sound being so light in weight, and you really cannot beat the price point.

I would also like to mention Brassell Design Consultants who did the graphics and way finding for Neocon this year.  They are a low-tack material that has no monomeric plasticizers in their constructions and are made with less solvent during manufacturing.   GO GREEN!

It is time to get back to work here at Powell/Kleinschmidt, but it has been so much fun reporting for Contract.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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