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Forget waiting at the bus stop wondering when the next bus will arrive. If you were waiting at an EyeStop, you'd know exactly when the bus would arrive as you'd be able to track its progress….while also checking your email, monitoring the local air quality, and catching up on community information. Created by MIT's SENSEable City Lab, EyeStop is a partially covered stop that features touch-sensitive e-INK and screen along with other interactive elements. Riders can plan a bus trip, surf the Web, monitor pollutants in the air and key in to the bus shelter with their mobile devices. EyeStop also glows at different levels of intensity to signal the distance of an approaching bus.

While initial concepts were revealed in Florence this past weekend, a more formal prototype is on its way in October. "The EyeStop could change the whole experience of urban travel," says Carlo Ratti, head of the SENSEable City Lab at MIT. "At the touch of a finger, passengers can get the shortest bus route to their destination or the position of all the buses in the city." 

Design-wise, EyeStop is crafted to fit its locale, with a computer program generating unique designs for each stop to provide optimal shelter for users and maximum sunlight exposure for power generation.

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Photos: Prototypes of the EyeStop bus stop, from the MIT SENSEable
City Lab. Credit: MIT SENSEable City Lab

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