No, thanks, says IIDA, who just release its official position concerning a possible merger of the two design orgs. In their words:

In recent months, considerable speculation has circulated surrounding the question of whether a

merger between the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the American Society of

Interior Designers (ASID) should take place. In early October, the Boards of Directors of both

Associations met to discuss a merger initiative. After much discussion and deliberation, the IIDA

Board of Directors has established the following official position.

At this time, IIDA believes that a merger would not be in the overall best interests of our

membership. The Board of Directors asserts that our Association offers a unique experience

unlike any other design organization and that the existence of more than one professional design

association enables designers to choose the best alliance for advancing their career. To that end,

the Association will continue to focus on the principles and parameters on which the organization

was founded.

As we have throughout our existence, IIDA will continue to promote and pursue initiatives for

ongoing and meaningful collaborations with ASID in mutually beneficial pursuits of education,

advocacy and areas of marketplace value.

The International Interior Design Association is committed to its members, embracing

the legacy of the profession, and advancing the Future of Design.

We want to hear from you about this development: Would you rather have the organizations remain separate or would it benefit the industry to have one main association?

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