Against the law in Texas?

Will lighting design be illegal in Texas? This info arrived this morning from the International Association of Lighting Designers:

The Texas State Legislature passed legislation this morning, 27 May 2009, which will have the unintended consequence of outlawing the practice of lighting design within its borders.


As it is currently written, Texas House Bill 2649 (THB2649) prohibits lighting designers who work in Texas to work on projects without being licensed as either an electrician, architect, engineer, landscape architect or interior designer.


The IALD strongly urges the Texas Senate Business & Commerce Committee remove language restrictive to the profession in THB2649 as a "technical adjustment" when the bill is prepared for Gov. Rick Perry's signature, or the eventual veto of the bill by the Governor should no changes in language be made. 


The IALD urged members to ask the Texas legislature to vote against THB2649, stating in part


"This legislation has the unintended consequence of outlawing an entire profession—architectural lighting design. The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) strongly urges all members of the Texas Legislature to drop this legislation, Texas House Bill 2649."


For those interested in getting involved, the IALD suggests getting in touch with Texas state representatives or sponsors of the bill, including Rep. Wayne Smith, who initiated the bill. 

Want more info on the bill itself? The full text is available here.

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