Who will be the biggest loser?

Barefoot--main_Full Recent snippets of warmer weather has us itching for flip flop season and ready to pack away the winter boots until next year. Which may explain why we're tickled by the idea of going barefoot next week, even if it's only in theory.

You see, to celebrate Earth Day next Wednesday, HOK is once again challenging its employees, clients and communities to  "go barefoot." Last year, HOK's barefoot challenge encouraged people to reduce their carbon footprint by altering their travel habits. This year, the focus is on waste. Going barefoot means focusing on reducing your waste footprint, thus helping to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions created from the production and transportation of products and their disposal in landfills. The goal, of course, is to introduce behavioral changes not just for Earth Day, but beyond as well. 

Leading up to Earth Day, sustainable leaders in HOK's offices are conducting secret waste audits at each location to determine how much waste is produced on a typical business day. (Do you know how much your office produces on a daily basis? Humbly, we have to think that the waste at Contract HQ is surely much more than we would guess or prefer.) On the heels of these secret reviews, the entire firm will undergo a public waste audit on the 22nd, with the goal of reducing solid waste by at least 50 percent.

Also on tap at HOK: an internal blog, guest speakers, videos, and field trips to local recycling facilities. 

How would you lighten your load? Simple suggestions from HOK include making lunch at home and use washable plates and cutlery instead of opting for takeout with disposable packaging and plastic utensils. Shelve the styrofoam cups and drink beverages from a reusable container. Review documents online instead of printing them out. Recycle as much as possible. 

What will you do to lose a little waste and lighten your load? 

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