In the not-so-soon future


Don't hold your breath that the World Trade Center rebuilding project will top out any time soon. According to The New York Daily News, the World Trade Center won't be fully rebuilt or occupied until 2037 — 36 years after 9/11. A study by Cushman & Wakefield states that the Daniel Libeskind-designed Freedom Tower (er, what's it called again?) won't house tenants until 2019. Other findings: It could take 12 years to fully lease Twoer 2, a 79-story, 1,270-sq.ft. building, and construction on Tower 3 won't start until 2026, a 71-story, 1,137-sq.ft. building that would be higher than the Chrysler Building.

Developed LArry Silverstein's offices disagree with the report, saying it's based on a pessimistic attitude about NYC's economic future. The Port Authority argues it's realistic. What do you think? 
Pictured above: The Freedom Tower in February 2009, from the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center.

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