Tile that does a body good?

You may have noticed that this blog was a little more quiet than usual the past few weeks. While I'm working on an array of posts to explain my absence, here's something to mull over:


Last week at Cevisama, the annual ceramic tile show in Valencia, Spain, Ceracasa Cermaica unveiled a new prototype called BionicTile. Still in development and now undergoing testing, BionicTile mimics trees in that it is crafted to absorb NOx, or nitrous oxide, to convert it into harmless oxides and reduce the overall amount of NOx in the atmosphere (much like trees convert CO2). Ceracasa suggests that 200 buildings clad in BionicTile could remove 80 tons of NOx a year, raising the question: Can we make a city function like a natural forest? The promotional video, in Spanish, is online now. (Never fear: We're working on getting a link to the English translation, but didn't want to delay chatting about such an interesting proposal….)

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