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In honor of Fashion Week, currently underway here in New York, Pantone has released its Fashion Color Report Fall 2009, a collection of the top 10 colors for women's fashion. The report includes not only the color picks, but also sketches, inspiration and insights from a roundup of fashionistas and designers, as well as commentary from industry figures like Project Runway faves Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia and What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly . 

You can download the report here. Or, if you'd rather just have the color list, here it is:

PANTONE 19-1759 American Beauty 

PANTONE 18-3520 Purple Heart

PANTONE 16-1143 Honey Yellow 

PANTONE 18-1306 Iron

PANTONE 13-1006 Crème Brûlée

PANTONE 16-1212 Nomad

PANTONE 17-1544 Burnt Sienna

PANTONE 17-1929 Rapture Rose

PANTONE 15-0646 Warm Olive

PANTONE 19-4125 Majolica Blue

Carry on!

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