Thriving in hard times

Photo: The New York Times.

Design loves a depression? Yes, according to this weekend's New York Times. While writer Michael Cannell acknowledges that design benefitted tremendously from the now long-gone economic boom, it can also prosper during the downturn as well. Lean years, in fact, will weed out the frivolity, as Paola Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art notes "there will be less design, but much better design." Cannell asserts that the dark economic environment may cause designers to shift their attention from consumer goods to more pressing items like infrastructure, housing, city planning, transit and energy. What do you think – are the days of $8,910 chairs and $10,615 sofas behind us? 

One Comment

  1. I suspect that if what we've heard from the incoming administration is true, smart and sustainable infrastructure projects will be where the money is in 2009 (government money that is). It could be a boon to architects and designers who focus on such projects because it looks as though the private sector is going to be a challenge unless there is a dramatic and unforseen rebound. Unless there is such a rebound, the $10k sofa is going to be history for a while.