Politics and Design


Like everyone else today, we've got politics on the mind and DC all over our screens as we stream live feeds of President Obama's inauguration. For those looking to add a dash of design thinking, check out the following:

What's more appropriate today than to think about the White House of the future….not in terms of who's residing in it, but rather in terms of the structure itself? Late last year, the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York ran a month-long exhibit of the winning proposals of White House Redux, a program that asked participants to redesign the most famous address in the county. The competition is closed, but winners are available for browsing online.

Of course it's the National Mall that's the center of attention today and the Chicago Tribune's got an interesting piece about its design. It seems fitting today that Chicago architect Daniel Burnham served as an advisor to the Senate Park Commission who's planning essentially gave us the Mall today. And the New York Times also takes a look at the Mall and its place in history. Also joining the chorus: Jonathan Jones across the pond at The Guardian.

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