It seems a congratulations is in order. Fortune magazine has released their 2009 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For,and a few familiar faces popped up as we scrolled down the list: Milliken came in at number 64. Herman Miller was close behind at 89.

So what's their secret?

According to Dave Caples, president of global sales and marketing for Milliken, part of it is a large employee involvement. CEO Joe Salley holds quarterly town hall meetings that include live web casts and opens them up for "no holds barred questions."

"We are not exempt from the impact of the economic crisis currently gripping our country," Caples says. "But we are also quite financially strong and well positioned for the future. We will emerge from this recession even stronger and our people know that."

Milliken and Herman Miller were joined by the likes of T-Mobile, Nordstrom, Dreamworks, and Starbucks.

To comprise the list, Fortune relies on a series of surveys and audits. Any company at least seven-years-old, with more than 1,000 U.S. employees is eligible. To nominate your company, go to www.greatplacetowork.com.

Other enterprises on the list include Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Vanderbilt University, and Four Seasons Hotels, all of which were able to boast job growth rather than a reduction.

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