Hope is Contagious


It seems that the inspiration birthed from Barack Obama's rousing election has no boundaries. The HOPE Table, created by Jason Lees Design, takes elements that represent the cultural significance of the 2008 election and translates them into one of the simplest of interior staples: the coffee table.

The full, round 'O' shape of the table represents the obvious – the first initial of the president-elect, who is now less than one week away from assuming the presidency. It also represents Obama's "global and holistic worldview," and is meant to serve as "a way to bring people together for dialogue and discussion in a less hierarchical manner." The top is made of sustainable and reclaimed American hardwoods and the entire product is handcrafted in northern California, perfectly in line with Obama's pledge to breathe new life into our domestic industry. The varying wood shades of brown and beige seem to mimic multiple shades of skin, symbolizing the beauty of America's diversity and people of all colors, ethnicities, beliefs, genders, and ages.

Stay tuned further as a side table version is in the works.

The question is, will Michael Smith use it when he re-designs the White House for the Obamas?

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