Wishful thinking?

Let's face it: times are tough for everyone and most industry outlooks don't contain much good news. So it was surprising to hear that last week, Marvin Malecha, the incoming AIA president, offered this prediction as he spoke as the keynote at Ecobuild:

"The profession is going through a hiccup,” he said, according to the Washington Business Journal.  “When the credit industry slowed and stopped, buildings came to a screening halt. Architecture firms are in a reduction mode right now. I’m confident there will be a need for architecture again. I see it happening over the next couple of years, as our president-elect indicated to us he has priority on moving forward on infrastructure.” 

How confident is Malecha? He says the industry will start reving up again in a mere 6-8 months. This is in contrast to general economic forecasts that predict the current recession lasting well into 2010, if not 2011. What do you think – it an architectural rebound probably in late '09 or is it simply wishful thinking?

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