Design on a dime


Philippe Starck in Big Lots. Photo by Al Seib/Los Angeles Times
I’m not sure what is more intriguing in this photo: Philippe Starck’s pants or the image of this bold name designer shopping in, of all places, Big Lots. The shopping trip is one of three excursions featured in a fun series from The Los Angeles Times. While Starck was challenge to find some high style in Big Lots’ discount aisles, Kelly Wearstler, currently a judge on Bravo’s Top Design, hit up Cost Plus World Market,  and MOCA curator Brooke Hodge rummaged through the wares at Tuesday Morning, whose name is taken from its weekly deliveries of discount merchandise. Given the choice—and you have to choose one—whose aisles would you roam: Big Lots, Cost Plus or Tuesday Morning? What about Walmart or Kmart?

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