Challenging Congress


From the offices of Architecture 2030: Edward Mazria and The 2030 Challenge visited Washington, D.C., last week and left in their wake The 2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan, an economic stimulus plan that aims to reinvigorate the building sector, as well as the entire U.S. economy, through energy efficiency in buildings. Can it be done?

The plan calls for a two-year, $171.72-billion investment in a structure that integrates a mortgage buy-down program for residential buildings and an accelerated-depreciation program for commercial buildings with the energy efficiency targets of The 2030 Challenge. Architecture 2030 asserts that the plan will save consumers from $142 billion to more than $200 billion in energy costs and mortgage payments over a five-year period while creating more than 8 million new jobs and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The organization also asserts that the plan will create the opportunity for a $1.6 trillion renovation market that currently does not exists.

Think it could work? The plan can be read here.

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