The green scene hits NYC


Earlier this year, we reported on the emergence of sustainable nightclubs, bars and discos. Thumping bass, flashing strobe lights and…a dance floor that converts the kinetic energy of clubbers into electricity for the venue? Such were the goals of Enviu, an international collective of sustainability driven entrepreneurs and by the time of our report last March, Rotterdam-based architecture firm Döll—Atelier voor Bouwkunst was developing a Sustainable Dance Club (rendering above) in Rotterdam that would do just that. What's more, dancers' perspiration would be channeled into grey water circuits, biometric wall displays furniture that changes color to match clubbers' body temperature.

Now, less than nine months later, New York City is jumping into the center of the circle with the opening of Greenhouse, a downtown Manhattan club that opened last week. As reported in The New York Times, Greenhouse, whose sustainable features were crafted consulting firm National Progression is seeking LEED certification. How? The two-level, 6,000-sq.-ft. venue houses high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning, an LED lighting system, and waterless urinals and low-flow sinks in the bathrooms. All materials used to furnish it are recycled or recyclable. 

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