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Earlier this year, we introduced readers to DESIGN 21: Social Design Network, an online platform founded by Felissimo and UNESCO to inspire and promote design for the greater good. Now, on the heels of its Millennium Promise Competition, the organization is launching a new set of environmentally conscious initiatives: a competition and a challenge.

Wood, Paper, Checkmark is a competition for DESIGN 21 members to formulate an awareness campaign for sustainable forestry. In conjunction with this initiative, which will benefit The Nature Conservancy and Forest Stewardship Council, DESIGN 21, FSC-US and The Nature Conservancy are jointly hosting Going with the Grain, a challenge to conceptualize an object using only one sheet of sustainable wood.

Here's the scoop on each component:

To enter Wood, Paper, Checkmark, you must provide:
1) a compelling message that sparks an interest in FSC and drives people to a consumer-searchable website; 
2) a campaign design for online and print ads; and 
3) a clever URL name for FCS's consumer web site.

What's at stake for all this hard work? Reps from The Nature Conservancy and the FSC-US will dole out $5,000 in prize money, along with another $5,000 that will be allocated to DESIGN 21 Advisory Board picks and those with the most popular campaign.

Deadline: Jan. 13, 2009

Interested in Going with the Grain? It's open to all designers, including furniture designers, manufacturers, architects, and industrial designers. The goal: design an original, functional, and aesthetically appealing object made from a single sheet of FSC-certified plywood (measuring 4-ft. x 8-ft. x 1-ft.).

What's up for grabs? The winning prototype will be auctioned in concurrence with the May 2009 opening of The Nature Conservancy's Design for a Living World traveling exhibit that will feature sustainable natural materials from around the globe. Proceeds will benefit The Nature Conservancy's sustainable forestry program.

Deadline: June 2, 2009.

Want more info? Check out www.design21sdn.com.

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