Barack Obama, architect?

Blair Kamin at the Chicago Tribune offered up a neat bit of trivia earlier this week: It seems both President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden both aspired to join the rank of architects before getting pulled into the political fray….

Says Kamin:

"Our president-elect once stated on the campaign trail that as a child he wanted to be an architect. And the Chicago Tribune questionnaire Biden filled out last year during his short-lived presidential bid included this item: "IF I WEREN'T A POLITICIAN, I WOULD BE: An architect."

Why this link between the nation's new leaders and architects? It does make the grubby business of politics sound noble, even glamorous. At their best, architects are visionaries who chart new courses. Which is why the political class can't get enough of the cliche: "He was the architect of such-and-such landmark legislation."'

Perhaps even more interesting lies in Kamen's next paragraph: Does the Obama-Biden passion for architecture mean that they're going to run the most architect-friendly administration in history?

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