Mohawk Meets Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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It seems like an odd pairing: A fashion line shared the spotlight with a carpet manufacturer at the September Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. But when we think about all the cross-pollination that’s going on between the design disciplines, and the way that color forecasts influence just about all of them—from fashion to interior and industrial design—we realize it isn’t so much a stretch after all. Last Friday, September 7, my colleague Emily and I witnessed the two worlds collide (or more like meld) during fashion week with the unveiling of the CZAR by Cesar Galindo spring 2013 line. It was also manufacturer Mohawk Group’s debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Before the show began, we both pondered what the link was between Mohawk and Galindo, or Mohawk and Mercedes-Benz, or Mohawk and fashion in general. Eventually, it was revealed that the runway was actually composed of Mohawk’s State of Mind collection, which we’d seen a few months ago at NeoCon. The line plays off of gradation and striation (for those of you who hadn’t seen it) that offer combinations ranging from dramatic to subtle. For the runway, the palette looked of a rust color shifting into gold and back. Still, I wondered what was about to step out onto the runway. I imagined a full spectrum gradation akin to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Once the show started, it all became clearer. The spring collection of CZAR was marked by bold and neutral colorings, and every hue in between. The order in which all the clothes were presented was based on gradation, with the tones shifting from fuchsia to tangerine to chartreuse to sunflower to peridot to Caribbean blue. While some outfits were solid, others sported texture or pattern, and some of those had an ikat dye or intarsia knit quality to them that were reminiscent of the shifting striations that give the Mohawk line its visual depth.

And then I realized what other major connection there was between the fashion and the contract carpet lines—architecture. Mohawk, of course, is well known in the A&D community, and Galindo’s designs, we discovered, were very architectural. There were so many styles and colorways that caught my eye (Galindo has made a fan of me), and here I share a few of my favorites along with some behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Photography: Sheila Kim


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