MoMA PS1 Gets Geodesic Dome

2012.01.ps1blogThough I haven’t been to MoMA PS1’s Warm Up concert series in eons, I always look forward to the courtyard installations that form the backdrop for the concerts. Every year MoMA’s Young Architects Program challenges up-and-comers to design these temporary installations, and the winning proposal gets built for the enjoyment of the concertgoers and museum visitors alike. The YAP pavilions are just as much a draw as the Warm Up parties themselves, and never fail to spark dialogue—whether for good or bad—amongst the contemporary art and design enthusiasts. But come wintertime, when the installations are taken down, PS1 appears rather desolate. So the announcement of a new performance dome in the courtyard has peaked my interest and got me wondering if this will become the counterpoint to PS1’s summer installation.

I won’t know until this weekend, when the new dome opens, beginning with the launch of Sunday Sessions performances on February 5. Programming details are yet to be announced, but what is known is that PS1 intends to utilize the space for a variety of programming that goes beyond performance—think sound, music, and light installations, as well as lectures. Geodesic in form, the performance dome is sponsored by Volkswagen, who partnered with MoMA and MoMA PS1 as of last year to expand programming at both venues. I’m excited about this, but I’ll have to report back after I’ve attended at least a few of the Sunday Sessions at the performance dome!

Find out more about Sunday Sessions at the MoMA PS1 Performance Dome here:

Photo by Erin Kornfeld/Erica Leone/

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